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1st Annyversary of the new AnggunWorld
For the first anniversary of the new AnggunWorld at the same time with the Anggun birthday i prepared a big update.

Media section: added 8 audio files, 3 big video files, a new wallpaper by Kembali

Photo Gallery: added 114 new photos (now there are 750 pictures in the gallery)

It could seems a not so big update, but you have to know that this 300Mb of mp3s, videos and photos have been uploaded with a 56k modem :D


Discography updates
A little update in the disco section with the last Anggun albums, singles and collaborations.


New video and samples updates
Online the new video "L'Or de Nos Vies" for the Association Fight Aids Monaco in the media section. New updates for the media samples too.


Videos, updates and new features
As promised i added "Anggun at Session at West 54th" Part 2 and Part 3 the video section. In the media section i also added a new section with Anggun's samples of her new albums. Updated also for links and discography sections. Enjoy!!!


Video and pictures update
Added 35 new pictures in the photo gallery and a video in the media section of Anggun at Session at West 54th - Part 1 of 3. The next 2 videos will be online with the next update.


A new wallpapers section is added in the media, now you can download wallpapers and personalize your desktop with Anggun. If you have wallpapers to publish in AnggunWorld please send it to


New video and photos
Added in the gallery 10 new promo pictures of Anggun for Luminescence Special Edition and in the media section you can find the videos of "Chrysalis" and "Summer in Paris".


Multimedia Update
Another multimedia update in Anggun World: added two mp3 song live of Anggun ("The Girl from Ipanema" & "Harley Davidson") and a new video featuring Mike Brant from "Les duos de l'impossible".


Juste Avant Toi
Added a really good version of the video of "Juste avant Toi" in the media section. I compressed it in DivX 6 so you should use this codec for a best view of this file.


AnggunWorld Completed and much more!!!
Finally the new AnggunWorld is completed, all the section that was not completed are now online, like the audio section in multimedia (with lots of mp3). In the gallery i added many pictures of Anggun in all the categories, expecially the concerts, with the Jakarta concert photos. A new video of Etre une femme Live at NRJ Music Awards is now available to the multimedia section.


Italian Version Released!
Released the italian version as promised, now i can begin to update the website and add much more videos and the other section that are still not completed.


New AnggunWorld!
Released the new AnggunWorld! Now you can find much more pictures, videos and news about our luminescent Anggun! For the moment will be released only the english version, as soon as possible the italian version too.







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