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I'm your Mirror

Everybody's shining
Everybody glows
But what you're finding
It's only what already shows
Everybody shining
The surface glows
Underneath is what you never really know

There be no shaking, no mistaking
Just reflecting what you radiate

Look at people, look at people
Try to find the way
Making up reason to make it through the day
Look at how we were failing
And obvious little things
It's like if you don't give
You don't have anything

I'm your mirror
I lift it up to you
Can you imagine it's too good to be true
I'm your mirror
Do you get the clue
Imagine all the love
I could throw back at you

This is what I give you
Die and lose sense
I want to warm reflection of yourself
Canít see through me
Iím just too dense
But if you let me
I let you in instead

Everybody shining, everybody knows
Under the surface, and everything glows
Look at people shining, golden, white or blue
So please let me shine, in your life too

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